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With a rapid growth in automobiles and urbanization, daily commute becomes more irritating & stressful. User is limited with choice and limitation for their daily commute. Nearly 60% of average users commute less than 20km daily, even though bicycle is oldest, cheapest and healthiest way to commute but still they are not the most ideal or perfect solution for many users because it comes with its own limitation such as how far you can go, how fast you can reach, required more effort to pedal and exhausting ride.

REIO is a smart electric bicycle for your daily commute. We are completely reinventing the bicycle into a simple form of a smart electric bicycle with our Bionic assist which makes bicycle riding effortless, enjoyable by cutting through traffics without exhausting yourself, eco-friendly ride with Zero carbon emission.


Customized BLDC motor, a perfect solution for adding an extra to your ride.

3-phase closed-loop control Control System automatically adjusts motor output according to the weight load.

Unique heat dissipation structural design to keep temperature of motor within control.

Anti theft locking for higher theft resistance.

Elastomers are used in damping systems.

A unique concept to maintain better traction on wet roads.


No Wear and tear
Better Traction on wet road
Smooth and noise less system


Range– 25km per charge

Whether you’re commuting to work or just riding for fun, electric assist can help you reach your destination with ease. Cycle farther, faster, and longer thanks to added electric power

Introducing Digital Gear

Increases the riding experience as per the user’s choice

Optimum Control at your fingertips

Provides greater assist to user and better performance than normal gear cycles

Effective and simple to use

Lightweight & compact

All core units under 4kg
- Drive system
- Battery system
- Digital Gear
- Modular Design


Range – 30 km

Speed – 25kmph best for ride and safety

Charging time – Recharge upto 80% could be accomplished in an hour

Digital Gear – good bye to gear cycle

Regenerative Braking

Fitness App

Dust and waterproof

Unique Riding

on reio cycle

Active commute

as never before
Mobile App

Reio app provides all the info such as range,speed,battery juice left out etc..

Saving on Distance commute using REIO

Fitness chart Calories burnt , milestone

Company Approach

Reio Bikes is a next generation mobility solution for short commuter's that means,no more waiting to get around locally,we provide an exciting way to commute faster,smarter and in utmost style both for rural and urban india.

Our mission is to bring the best mobility for commuting everyday and every time for both Rural and Urban .

Our vision is to innovate and drive people towards active life style through sustainable mobility.

Top-Down Engineering

Every element is redesigned from the ground up to solve existing problems at their core – and develop new innovations .

Start'sWith Concept Design Sketching

Design has been at the forefront of our product,and with great effort we ensured that performance, finctionality and manufacturability all matched in order to bring the best in class product.

Rapid Prototyping

Our digital modelling and 3D printing capabilities allow us to quickly engineer new components and test them in real world environments.


Advanced embedded hardware and firmware developement solutions are used to make system more power efficient and reliable.

We make sure our systems are designed to perform without failure and use the latest technology to bring out the best in embedded electronics.

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